Narmada Water Resources ,Water Supply and kalpsar department (Water Resources) home
24 May, 2018
Promotions Superintending Engineer 24 May 18
14 May, 2018
SSJA Administrative approval Order dated 11 May 18
11 May, 2018
GR for SSJA QC 11 May 2018 all works
10 May, 2018
SSJA QC GR dtd 10 May 18
2 May, 2018
સુજલામ સુફલામ જળ અભિયાન અંતર્ગતના કામો કરવા બાબત
2 May, 2018
સુજલામ સુફલામ જળ અભિયાન અંતર્ગતના કામો કરવા બાબત
29 January, 2018
Property Tax ...Class I & II through SATHI
19 January, 2018
Land Related Notification
18 January, 2018
GWRDC : Benefits of 7th Pay commission
18 January, 2018
Health / medical claim check list
9 January, 2018
CBIP Award 2018 to Water Resources Dept. Patadungri of Dohad District
23 August, 2017
Lift Irrigation from Rivers
10 July, 2017
Recruitment Rules modification:Equivalent Degree Engineering courses ( Civil) or Technology (Civil)
12 April, 2017
Seniority list of Executive Engineer
3 April, 2017
Promotion of SE to Chief Engineer 1 Apr 17
30 March, 2017
વર્ગ-૨ (ભૂસ્તરીય સંવર્ગ) ના ભૂસ્તરશાસ્ત્રી, વર્ગ-૨ ની જગ્યાઓનું સંખ્યાબળ (Cader Strength) નકકી કરવા
22 March, 2017
LAQ related notification of 18 Mar 2017
27 February, 2017
Checkdam repairing GR 23 Jan 17
23 February, 2017
Fixed monthly travelling allowance
3 January, 2017
Assistant Engineer Order
9 December, 2016
UG Pipeline Approoval and Maintanance Charges
10 November, 2016
Annual Report of GERI 2015-16
29 October, 2016
Assistant Engineer Appointment Orders 28
27 October, 2016
AE/AEE to DEE Promotion Orders
6 October, 2016
Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) Appointment Order 5 Oct 16
16 September, 2016
DEE to Executive Engineer Promotion
29 August, 2016
Posting of Soil Survey Officers
26 July, 2016
રાજ્યના ખેડૂતોને રાહત આપવાના હેતુસર ખેતીના હેતુ માટે અપાતા પાણીના દરોમાં સિંચાઇ વર્ષ ૨૦૧૬-૧૭...
25 July, 2016
DEE Recruitment Rules
21 July, 2016
Executive Engineer (Civil) Seniority List
8 June, 2016
Ponds Deepening by Farmers GR
8 June, 2016
Medical Treatment rules GR
31 May, 2016
10 Executive Engineer promoted as SE
26 May, 2016
Seniority OF EE (Civil) as on 1/1/2014 for direct and promoted EE
5 May, 2016
Districtwise DEE as nodal officers for 2 services Right to Citizens
30 March, 2016
Right to Citizen two services NOC for Non Agri and Permission for canal drain crossing
23 March, 2016
390 AE Civil appointment/posting as per Advt.109/2013-14
23 March, 2016
AE Posting of 82 AE Civil as per Advt.41/2014-15
18 March, 2016
All selected candidates to bring verification certi, of 22/12 or 1/2/16 or attendance permissin...
15 March, 2016
GPSC AE Civil to attend on 19-20 Mar 16 at VGEC, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad
15 March, 2016
GPSC AE Civil Appointment Choice Letter
10 February, 2016
Primary Inquiry Report Instructions
4 February, 2016
GPSC candidates CALL Certificate Verification
4 February, 2016
Transfer of AE / AAE 1 Feb 2016
30 December, 2015
Request to Candidates Selected 1-83 for Advt 41/2014-2015 for attending during 11 and 12 Jan 2015
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  To harness the valuable and limited water resources optimally, one has to resort to the internal and consolidated system such as large medium and small preservation's, joint use of underground water, preservation and re-use of underground reservoir, salinity ingress, preservation and diversion of additional quota of water and utilize the same for public purpose in proper perspective. To assess these all things, the Narmada, Water Resources and Water Supply Department of the State Government is working with a clear objective harnessing the water resources optimally for the benefit of the people of the State.
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