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Targets of the Department

Agriculture is the most common and largest occupation of the State and welfare and development of the population is based directly on this occupation. The State is also making fast progress in the field of industries.

For optimum utilization of available water, it should be freed for creating maximum benefits for the society. In addition, least damage should be made to the environment. Since water is required for irrigation, for man and animal, for industrial development and looking to its ever-incrasing demand, water sources are required to be harnesses

The Narmada, Water Resources and Water Supply Department of the Government of Gujarat has the following objectives to meet with the requirement of water for various uses

The mission of the Water Resources Department is to manage, develop, conserve and protect water and related resources in an environmentally and economically sound manner in the interest of the public of Gujarat.

Main Activities of the Water Resources Department
  • Effective planning of usage of the water sources available as per the Water Policy of the Stat
  • Prepare Water Policy of the State and review it periodically
  • Obtain quantitative, timely and qualitative information and review it from time to time
  • Utilise the water resources available for increasing irrigational benefits and agricultural production and increase life standard of the farmers of the State thereby
  • Increase the underground water recharge in required areas
  • Salinity ingress in the gulf areas
  • Joint use of water resources for maintaining water balance
  • Transfer water to the scarcity hit areas and areas facing acute shortage of water
  • Work related to Sujalam Sufalam Project