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Water is undoubtly nectar of life, without which life is not possible on our planet. History has witnessed development of civilization around areas having abundant source of water. With a view to utilizing water irrigation for humans and animals and for industrial purpose and in view of ever-increasing demand of production of hydral power, water resources are required to be harnesses more and more.

We should remember two things that we do not have any alternative to water and water will be a scarce and unavailable in near future.

For harnessing valuable and restricted sources of water procedures such as preservation of small-scale, medium scale and large scale water reservoirs, joint use of underground water, conservation of underground water and re-use, salinity ingress, transfer of additional quota of water (to other areas) etc. are required to be adopted. For assessing all these, the Narmada, Water Resources and Water Supply Department is working with a clear vision of maximum harnessing of the water resources for the use of the people of Gujarat.