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Water Resources History
The main source of water for Gujarat is surface water. The State has 185 river basins and the available quota of water in the State is 55608 million cubic meters, out of which, 38100 million cubic meters is surface water, which is only 2% of the entire quota of surface water of the country. Moreover, the available quota of surface water is also not distributed properly. Gujarat, Saurashtra and Kutch have water resources of 89%, 9% and 2% respectively, against this, the total geographical area of these regions is 45%, 31% and 24% respectively. The underground water resources of State are 17508 million cubic meters.

The quota of available surface and underground water is used for drinking purpose, industries, agriculture and hydral power, fisheries etc. Out of which, nearly 80% quota is used for agricultural production, in which irrigation also plays an important role.