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  Sabarmati Basin
Sabarmati Basin
  Sabarmati River is one of the major West flowing Interstate rivers in India, draining into the Gulf of Khwnbhat. The basin is bounded by Aravalli hills in the North lind North-East, by ridge separating it from basins of minor streams and draining into Raan of Kacbchb and Gulf of Khambbat in West aM by Gulf of Khambhat in the Soulb. The basin bas a maximUlp length of 300 kIll and maximum width of 105 kIn, It is triangular in shape with the main river as the base and the source of the Watrak as the apex point. It originates in the Aravalli hills at latitude 24° 4()' N and longitude 73' 20' E in the Rajasthan State at an elevation of 762 ill above m.s.l. The Saba'rmati River has a length of 371 kms and the drainage area is of 21674 sq km Basin'map of Sabarmati Basin is enclosed.  
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