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  Shetrunji Basin
શેત્રુંજી બેઝીન
  The Shetrunji is one of the major rivers of Saurashtra. The Shetrunji basin is the Eastern most basin of Saurasthra and is situated in between 21o00’ to 21o47’ North latitude and 70o50’ to 72o10 East longitude. The river Shetrunji originates at Chchai hills in Gir forest of Junagadh district at R.L. 380m above m.s.I. and flows towards East direction till its confluence with Gulk of Khambhat near Santrampur port. The River Shetrunji, fertile the area of Amreli and Bhavnagar districts and some part of Junagadh district of Saurashtra. The Shetrunji drains an area of 5514 out of which more than 50% in Amreli district.

The district wise distribution of drainage area is shown below.

Data Table The district wise distribution of drainage area is shown below
Sr.No Name of District Drainage Area % of Total Area
1 Amreli 3946.68 53.44
2 Bhavnagar 2492.88 45.21
3 Junagadh 74.44 1.350
Total 5514.00 100.00

The total length of this East flowing river from its origin to othe outfall into the Gulf of Khambhat is 182km. This river receives tidal influence for a lengt of 5km from mouth. The Shetrunji receives several tributaries on both banks. There are 9 tributaries having lengths more than 15km. Out of which, Safara, Shel, Khari and Talaji are the 4 tributaries on the right bank of Shetrunji and the remaining 5 tributories namely Stali, Thebu, Gagadia, Rajwal and Kharo are on left bank. The drainage system on left bank of Shetrunji is more extensive as compared to the right bank area.

The Stali, Thebi and Gagadia are important tributaries feeding from left bank of Shetrunji and drain nearly 34% of total catchment area of the river Shetrunji. The Gagadia and Theli (Thebu) are the principal tributaries of Sshetrunji rising from the high ground near Visavadar Talukas of Junagadh district.
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