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  Banas Basin
Banas Basin
  Banas river originates from Aravalli hills and descends in a South western direction through Rajasthan State and travels through Banaskatha and Mehsana district of Gujarat before it drains in to little Rann of Kachchh. The Banas is the Northern basin and is situated between 23o 30’ & 24o55’ North lititudes and 71o15’ to 73o 15’ East longitudes approximately. Saraswati and Luni basin from the Southern and Northern boundaries of this basin. The Aravalli hills form its Eastern extremity. The Banas drains an area of 8674 sq. km. out of which nearly 37.69% lies in Rajasthan state and remaining 62.31% falls in Gujarat state. Basin map of Banas Basin is enclosed.

The state and district wise distribution of its drainage area is shown the following table.

Data Table The state and district wise distribution
Sr.No Name of State Name of District Length of river km Drainage area % of Total CA
1 Rajasthan Sirohi 78 3269 37.69
2 Gujarat Banaskantha 119 4638 53.47
3 Gujarat Mehsana 69 767 8.84

The Banas rises near Pindwara of Sirohi district of Rajasthan at an elevation of 372.51m above m.s. I.Little Rann of Kachchh is the outfall of Banas river. Sipu is the only right Bank tributary of Banas, which drains into the main channel. There are 6 tributories on the left bank of Banas river namely the Batria, the Sukli, the Sewaran the Suket the Balaram and the Khari which drain into the main channel. Hence the draining system on the left bank of the Banas river is more extensive as compared to the right bank area. The Sipu and the Khari a re the two important right and left bank tributaries which together d rain nearly 37% of the total catchment area of Banas.
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