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  Purna Basin
Purna Basin
  Purna river is an important west flowing river with its catchment in Gujarat and Maharashtra. The river Purna rises in the Saputara hills of the western Ghats near the village Chinchai in Maharashtra. The length of the river from its source to outflow in the Arebean Sea is about 180 Km. The important tributaries of the river are Dhodar nalla, Bardanala, Nagihpar nala, Girna river, Zankari river and Dumas Khadi. The catchment area of the Purna basin is 2431 The basin lies between 720 45’ to 740 00 East longitude and 200 41” to 210 05” North latitude.

State wise distribution of the basin is given below.

Data Table State wise distribution
Sr.No. State C.A. in % of the total C.A
1 Maharashtra 58 2.39
2 Gujarat 2373 97.61
Total 2431 100.00

The Basin map of Purna showing H.O, station is enclosed. Line diagram of the river system giving information of Purna River, its tributories and sub tributories etc. indicating the station showing diversions, is enclosed.

    The climate of the basin is characterised by a hot dry summer except in the Monsoon season during June to September. The maximum, minimum temperatures observed at site Mahuva varies from 340 C to 440 C and 260 C to 100 C respectively.
  • Rainfall :
    The basin receives most of the rainfall from the South West monsoon from June to September.
  • Forest :
    The forest area in the basin is 78141 ha. Approximately.
  • Agri. Soil:
    The soil of Purna basin can be broadly classified into three groups viz.
    • Lateritic soils
    • Deep black soils
    • coastal alluvial soils
Purna River