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  Rupen Basin
Rupen basin
  The river Rupen starts its journey from the hills of Taranga of Kheralu, district Mehsana, Gujarat at a height of 180 mtrs. It flows westward through Mehsana district to meet the small Run of Kutch. The Rupen Basin is a highland basin of North Gujarat located between 23.25" to 24.00" Latitude in the North and 71.30" to 72.46" Longitude in the East. Two of its estuaries Pushpavati and Khari right side of the riverbank and meet the main flow of the river.

The river Khari meets the river from its left bank. The flow of water in the right side is higher compared to flow of the left side. The rivers Pushpavati and Khari are two of the important estuaries of River Rupen having joint water flow of 24.6% of the total catchment area of the river. Pushpavati is a main estuary of the River Rupen which flows at a height of 183 mtrs. from the sea level from the village Balad of Kheralu taluka, District Mehsana and meets river Rupen near Chhapavad village.

  • Climate
    The South-West monsoon arrives in the last week of June and gets over by September. Due to the characteristics of the place, the climate remains palpable and uncertain. Normal temperatures rates from 10" to 15" C. in the winter and 40" to 50" in the summer
Rupen River
Pushpvati River