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  Bhadar basin
Bhadar basin
  The river Bhadar flows from the mountain range near Hingolgadh, taluka Jasdan, Junagadh and meets the Arabic Ocean near Navi Bandargam. The river is approximately 190 kms. Long having catchment area of 7953 sq. kms. The current project of Bhadar-1 and Bhadar-2, a new project under construction, have been located on the river. Moreover, Fofal, Chhaparvadi-1, Chhaparvadi, Vary Karman, Gondli, Vachhapari, Ishvaria, Survo, Sodvadar, Ishvaria, Motsar, Fofal-2, Moj, Venu-2 and Sankroli are constructed on the estuaries of the River Bhadar.  
Bhadar River
Bhadar Water Resource
Chaprwadi(Lunivav) Water Resource
Ishvariya Water Resource
Moj Water Resource
Chaprwadi(Jetpur) Water Resource
Phophal Water Resource
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Venu-2 Water Resource
Bhadar-2 Water Resource
Chhaprwadi-1 (Lunivav) Water Resource