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Madhuvanti Water Resources Project
Location Vill. : Kanadipur , Tal. Junagadh, Dist. : Junagadh
Purpose Irrigation
River Madhuvanti
Area of catchment 45 km2
Mean annual rainfall 875 mm
Year of completion 1973
Type Earthen
Bed Rock Basalt
Maximum height above the
lowest point of foundation
34.50 m
Length at the top of the dam 1219  m

Estimated cost Rs. 106.83  lacs
Area at full reservoir level 2.25 Km2
Gross storage capacity 12.14 Mm3
Effective storage capacity 11.75 Mm3
Area under submergence
a) Forest b) Waste land c) Culturable
a)  Nil b)   121 ha c)      126 ha
No. of villages under submergence 2 partial
Type Ground bar waste weir
Length 183 m
Energy dissipater Stilling basin
Maximum discharge 750  m3/s
Type, Nos. and  size of gate Ungated

Name of Scheme District Rock type encountered at the dam site
Madhuvanti Junagadh Basalt
Irrigated Area in Last Five Years :
Year Irrigated area in Ha.
2008-09 656
2009-10 1374
2010-11 1365
2011-12 1325
2012-13 0
Gross command area 4040 ha
Culturable command area 2508  ha

Villages under command
a) District b) Taluka c) No. of villages
Junagadh Mendarda 7
  Total 7
Name of scheme River Village Taluka Dist. Catchment Area (Sq.Kms) Yield (MCM) Maximum observed flood (Cumecs)
Gujarat Other Maximum Average
Madhuvanti Madhuvanti Kenedipur Mendrada Junagadh 45.3 - 5.38 12.41 3843

Date Crest R.L. (M.) F.R.L. (M) H.F.L. (M) Top of Dam R.L.(M) Gross Capacity at F.R.L. (MCM) Dead storage (MCM) Live storage (MCM) Lenth of Spillway (M)
22/06/1983 165.19 165.19 167.02 169.46 11.65 0.35 11.3 -

Type of Spillway Details of Gates Lenth of Auxilary Spillway (M) Left Bank Canal Right Bank Canal Year of Completion
Types Nos. Lenth K.M. Discharge Capacity (Cumecs) Length K.M. Discharge Capacity (Cumecs)
- - - - - - - - -

G.C.A. (Ha) C.C.A. (Ha) Maximum Irrigation
Year Area
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