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The total coastal length of Gujarat is about 1600 Km.Valsad, Navsari, Surat & Bharuch districts of Gujarat state have its western boundary as Arabian sea. It has been observed On western boundary of Valsad, Navsari, Surat, Bharuch & Jamnagar districts & on eastern boundary of Bhavnagar, Amreli, Junagadh, Porbandar & Jamnagar districts there is coastal erosion. The erosion is taking place mostly under the action of strong tidal current accompanied by wave action. Particularly just before monsoon and in monsoon season. The shore line at these villages have been approached to habitable area, Local people of coastal villages are belonging to Machhimar community. The general situation of these villages is favourable from view point of fishing trade. Tendency of local people of coastal villages is not to leave their original place of dwelling near sea coast which facilitate their access to sea for fishing business and therefore, it is not possible to persuade local inhabitants to shift to the another place. Heavy damages are found to houses, fertile land and other property due to coastal erosion. Local people are representing for providing protective measures to prevent the Land ward recession of coastline.

In view of above, keeping in mind the nature damage, anti sea erosion works are carried out by the Department. The protection work is carried out by providing gabion / big stones walls. Thus damages due to coastal erosion is controlled by providing such protection wall.
Statement showing the costal protection works completed.
Sr no District Taluka Name of work
1 Surat Olpad Nes karanj.
2 Surat Olpad Mor Bhagwa Anti sea erosion works (Phase II).
3 Surat Olpad Dandi.
4 Surat Olpad Dabhari.
5 Surat Choryasi Budia.
6 Surat Choryasi Dumas-Sulatanabad(Temp.Protection)
7 Surat Choryasi Dumas.(0 to 385 mt.)
8 Surat Choryasi Dumas.(385 to 2030 mt.)
9 Surat Choryasi Dumas.(1015 to 2030 mt.)
10 Surat Choryasi Dumas.(2030 to 2450 mt.)
11 Navsari Jalalpore Danti (Ch 0 to 1260 m).
12 Navsari Jalalpore Borsi- Machhiwad Anti sea erosion works (Temp.Protection).
13 Navsari Jalalpore Borsi- Machhiwad Anti sea erosion works ( ch.75 to 1800 mt.).
14 Navsari Jalalpore Dandi Samapor
15 Navsari Jalalpore Onjal Machhiwad Anti sea erosion works.
16 Navsari Jalalpore Onjal Machhiwad Restoration works.
17 Navsari Gandevi Meghar
18 Navsari Gandevi Bhat Anti sea erosion works.
19 Navsari Gandevi Bhat Restoration works.
20 Navsari Gandevi Movasa sea Erosion works Ch. 0 to 1350 mt.
21 Navsari Gandevi Dholai
22 Valsad Valsad Nani Danti-Moti Danti Anti sea erosion works.
23 Valsad Valsad Nani Danti-Moti Danti Restoration works.
24 Valsad Valsad Nani Danti-Moti Danti Restoration works.
25 Valsad Valsad Nani Danti-Moti Danti (Temp.Protection).
26 Valsad Valsad Nani Danti-Moti Danti (Temp.Protection).
27 Valsad Valsad Bhdeli-Jagalala
28 Valsad Valsad Kosamba.(690 m )
29 Valsad Valsad Kosamba. (750 m )
30 Valsad Valsad Kosamba. (890 m )
31 Valsad Valsad Tithal (675 m )
32 Valsad Valsad Tithal (930 m )
33 Valsad Valsad Bhagvada
34 Valsad Valsad Tithal (Magod-Dungari)
35 Valsad Pardi Udwada. (200 m )
36 Valsad Pardi Kokak
37 Valsad Pardi Udwada. (1430 m )
38 Valsad Pardi Umarsadi. (460 m )
39 Valsad Pardi Umarsadi. (325 m )
40 Valsad Pardi Umarsadi-Machhiwad (river side).
41 Valsad Pardi Kokak-Udwada.
42 Valsad Pardi Udwada. (530 m )
43 Valsad Pardi Umarsadi-Mangelvad
44 Valsad Umargam fansa-Tatawadi.
45 Valsad Umargam Nargol.
46 Valsad Umargam Umargam.
47 Valsad Umargam Maroli & Fansa.
48 Valsad Umargam Umargam.
49 Valsad Umargam Maroli - Dandi.
50 Valsad Umargam Kaly (Sea Side)
51 Valsad Umargam Kaly (River Side)
52 Valsad Umargam Umargam. (Varoli River)