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સહભાગી વ્યવસ્થાપન માટેની જોગવાઈ
Dy. Director for Hydrology Post in NWD Agency on Deputation
ડાર્ક ઝોનમાં ખેતી વિષયક વિજ કનેક્શન પરના નિયંત્રણો દૂર કરવા બાબતનો ઠરાવ
ગુજરાત વોટર રેગ્યુલેટરી ઓર્થોરીટી નોટીફીકેશન
Request to Candidates Selected 1-83 for Advt 41/2014-2015 for attending during 11 and 12 Jan 2015
Transfer of AE / AAE 1 Feb 2016
GPSC candidates CALL Certificate Verification
Primary Inquiry Report Instructions
GPSC AE Civil Appointment Choice Letter
GPSC AE Civil to attend on 19-20 Mar 16 at VGEC, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad
All selected candidates to bring verification certi, of 22/12 or 1/2/16 or attendance permissin...
AE Posting of 82 AE Civil as per Advt.41/2014-15
390 AE Civil appointment/posting as per Advt.109/2013-14
Right to Citizen two services NOC for Non Agri and Permission for canal drain crossing
Districtwise DEE as nodal officers for 2 services Right to Citizens
Seniority OF EE (Civil) as on 1/1/2014 for direct and promoted EE
10 Executive Engineer promoted as SE
Medical Treatment rules GR
Ponds Deepening by Farmers GR
સિંચાઇ દર વ્યાજ માફી યોજના-૨૦૧૫ની અમલીકરણની મુદત તા.૩૧/૧૦/૨૦૧૬ સુધી લંબાવવા બાબત
Executive Engineer (Civil) Seniority List
DEE Recruitment Rules
રાજ્યના ખેડૂતોને રાહત આપવાના હેતુસર ખેતીના હેતુ માટે અપાતા પાણીના દરોમાં સિંચાઇ વર્ષ ૨૦૧૬-૧૭...
Posting of Soil Survey Officers
DEE to Executive Engineer Promotion
Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) Appointment Order 5 Oct 16
AE/AEE to DEE Promotion Orders
Assistant Engineer Appointment Orders 28
Annual Report of GERI 2015-16
UG Pipeline Approoval and Maintanance Charges
Assistant Engineer Order
Promotiong of Scientific officers as ARO
Fixed monthly travelling allowance
Checkdam repairing GR 23 Jan 17
LAQ related notification of 18 Mar 2017
વર્ગ-૨ (ભૂસ્તરીય સંવર્ગ) ના ભૂસ્તરશાસ્ત્રી, વર્ગ-૨ ની જગ્યાઓનું સંખ્યાબળ (Cader Strength) નકકી કરવા
Promotion of SE to Chief Engineer 1 Apr 17
Seniority list of Executive Engineer
Recruitment Rules modification:Equivalent Degree Engineering courses ( Civil) or Technology (Civil)
Lift Irrigation from Rivers
રાજ્યના ખેડૂતોને રાહત આપવાના બાબત.
CBIP Award 2018 to Water Resources Dept. Patadungri of Dohad District
Health / medical claim check list
GWRDC : Benefits of 7th Pay commission
Land Related Notification
Property Tax ...Class I & II through SATHI
સુજલામ સુફલામ જળ અભિયાન અંતર્ગતના કામો કરવા બાબત
સુજલામ સુફલામ જળ અભિયાન અંતર્ગતના કામો કરવા બાબત
SSJA QC GR dtd 10 May 18
SSJA use of Soil / Muram Royalty related GR
GR for SSJA QC 11 May 2018 all works
SSJA Administrative approval Order dated 11 May 18
Promotions Superintending Engineer 24 May 18
Monsoon 2018 Flood Warning Arrangements 2018
Sujalam Sufalam Ahbiyan Extension Till 08 June 2018 GR
સુધારા ઠરાવ ક્રમાંક-ડબલ્યુસીઈ/૧૦૨૦૧૭/૧૩૮૯/૨૬૬/અ
ઠરાવ ક્રમાંક-ડબલ્યુસીઈ/૧૦૨૦૧૭/૧૩૮૯/૨૬૬/અ
Promotion Orders DEE to EE
Promotion Orders 31-07-2018
SSJA Tree Planatation GR 04 Aug 18
Appointment of AAE Civil Class 3 Advt No. 100/2016-17
વિભાગ હસ્તકની કચેરીઓએ બિન ખેતી વિષયક હેતુ માટે આપવાની થતી મંજુરી સંદર્ભે વોટર બોડીઝથી માર્જિન છોડવા
AAE Placements Restd be present on 29 Sep 18, 09:00 m. at SWDC, Sec, 8 with Credentials
Dam Safety Panel 30 Aug 18 GR mentions 60 dams to be inspected each year
Appointment of Consultants for PWD Manual
RR of Deputy Executive Engineer
Advt 39/2017-18 Executive Engineer Document Verification 23 Jan 18 Rank 1 to 20
નિમણૂક માટે ભલામણ કરવા બાબત, નાયબ કાર્યપાલક ઈજનેર(સી), વર્ગ-૨
The Panam Project bagged the award for CBIP Award 2019
AE Civil Advt 37/2017-18 SC ST Related Verification letter
Advt No 37/2017-18 Posting Order Assistant Engiineer Civil
Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyan 2019 : Works related
GR Regarding Work by Field office of Gandhinagar
ગુજરાત ઈજનેરી સેવા વર્ગ-૨માં મદદનીશ ઈજનેર(સિવિલ) વર્ગ-૨ની જગ્યાઓ ઉપર સીધી પસંદગીથી ભરતી બાબત
Direct Recruit DEE Posting Order
Training for Direct Recruit EE / DEE
SSJA Vigilance Inspection PRCH/2019/01/GU.NI/2019 of 27 Feb 19
SSJA Administrative Approoval PRCH/2019/100/MICELL dtd 28 Feb 19
Estimate / Tender preparation important aspects
Department land change in purpose / or selling
DSRP Consutant and Tech Support GEN-2008-IB-(9)/ MI Cell – K1/ dtd 6 Mar 19
Circular Regarding Use of Committee Room of Water Resources Dept
Promotion to Chief Engineer Orders
Constitution of Dam Safety Review Panels for Gujarat State-Panel Exension-III
SSJA Completion and Billing Order
Dam Safety Instrumentation Committee
PIM ACTમાં સુધારો કરવા તથા પિયત મંડળીઓને સુદ્રઢ કરવા માટે સમિતિની નિમણૂક કરવા બાબત
Recovery of Fees for Crossing of rivers, drains canals GR dated 22 July 19
Committee for Strengthening of WALMI
Checkdam Reparing powers for EE and SE vive GR dated 3 April 19
Establishment of WRD Geo-spatial Cell
Annual Report of GERI 2018-19
PIM NGO Registration with WALMI
Transfer order of Superintending Engineers
Recovering Water Fees as Land Revenue for water given for Non Agriculture purposes
અધિક્ષક ઈજનેર (સી) ની તા.૦૧/૦૪/૧૫ થી તા.૩૧/૦૩/૧૯ ના સમયગાળાની તા.૦૧/૦૪/૧૯ સ્થિતિની આખરી પ્રવરતાયાદી
એન.આઈ.સી. એસ.એમ.એસ. પ્લેટફોર્મના ઉપયોગ અંગે
Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyan 2020 GR dated 17 Feb 2020
AE/AAE Promotion to Dy. Ex. Engineer (29-Feb-2020)
Notification regarding COVID-19 and attendance in office
Closure of NWRWS&KD offices from 24 to 31st Mar 2020
Minimum office Minimum Staff as per 24 Mar to continue from 25 Mar till 14 April 2020
01-April to 13 April 2020 Officers Attending Office (other on Call) in WRD Dept, Sachivalaaya
NWRWS&KD Payment of wages to Outsourced employees
Functioning of offices with Limited staff and social distancing and appropriate staff related order
Taking up Works under SSJA 2020
બિનખેતી વિષયક હેતુઓ માટે અપાતા પાણીના લેણાં વસુલાત સંબંધિત બાબતો અંગે થતી કાર્યવાહી
AA SSJA 2020 સુજલામ સુફલામ જળ અભિયાન-૩” અંતર્ગતના કામોને વહીવટી મંજુરી 24 April 2020
Direct Recruit DEE Posting and Transfer Orders
Monsoon 2020 : Central Flood Cell operations
SSJA Water Conservation Works related Vigilance Govt Resolution
GR regarding modification in remitting EMD / Tender Fee, physical Tender Document and online submis
50% Fees for Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation related GR
Seniority list of DEE Civil
Superintending Engineers (Civil) Orders EE to SE dated 24 Aug 2020
Sedimentation Survey of Reservoirs dated 10 Aug 2020
Election Commission of India(આચાર સંહિતાના અમલીકરણ માટે)
Important Performance Appraisal Report PAR related instruction
Promotion of SE (Civil) to Chief Engineer
Ammendment in Executive Engineer Recruitment Rules
Recruitment Rules Junior Scientific Officer III
Manpower Requirements and Applications forms for various categories under Atal Bhujal Yojana
ગુજરાત ઈજનેરી સંશોધન સંસ્થા(ગેરી) વડોદરા હસ્તકના સંવર્ગોમાં સીધી ભરતીમાં દિવ્યાંગ વ્યક્તિઓની જગ્યાઓ
Promotion of Assistant Engineer to Dy Ex. Engineer
Promotion of Addl Assistant Engineer to Dy. Ex. Engineer
SSJA-2021 Guideline-GR Order
Assistant Engineers, Document Verifications dates for Merit No 1 to 350.
Contract Base Recruitment
DEE Seniority List 31-12-2016
Promotion as Chief Engineers
Engagement of consultancy service for NABL accreditation of water quality laboratory
State Water Data Centre Gujarat Organizational Changes, CDO Hydro and FloodCell
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