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Details Of Canal
Data Table Details Of Canal
Name of Scheme River Taluko District Left bank main canal Right bank main canal Year of complition  G.C.A. (Hector) C.C.A. (Hector) Maximum irrigation
Length KM. Discharge Length KM. Discharge Year  Area
Dharoi Sabarmati Satlasana Mahesana 29.5 11.32 43.5 38.22 1984 177112 95222 1993.94 40762
Benifited Village
Data Table Benifited Village
Name of Scheme Type of scheme Benifited Village Details of rotation period
District Taluko Village
Dharoi Major Mahesana Idar Verabar, Chandap, Golwada, Kamalpur, Pepalla, Fichod, Kalyanpur, Khodam Water supplied in canal system for full command area after discusion with farmers associations.
Vadali Bavsar, Mahor, Gajipur, Badol, Veda
Command Area
Data Table Command Area
Name of Scheme Taluko District G.C.A. (Hector) C.C.A. (Hector) Maximum irrigation
Year  Area
Dharoi Satlasana Mahesana 177112 95222 1993.94 40762
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